At Alma, we are very grateful for the faithfulness and support of our many donors. The funds we receive are used in many ways. While some funds go to support our local ministries and day to day operations, a portion also goes to support our Missionaries and other ministries in the larger area of Alma. Ultimately our goal is to see the spread of the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

If you would like to support Alma Bible Church in its efforts, you may simply send a check in the mail, or send an electronic transfer to this email:

You can mail your check to the following address:
Alma Bible Church
59 Peel St. E., Box 41
Alma, Ontario
N0B 1A0

For further details on how to make your donation, or if you have any questions, please contact the church office by calling 519-846-1001 or by sending an email to

Any donation of $10 or more that is accompanied by a full name and address will be provided a tax receipt.