Alma Bible Church has purchased a Zoom Pro account for use by the committees and ministries of the church.

This will allow us to host meetings for up to 24 hours as opposed to the 40 minutes that a regular account allows. If you are a leader of, or are involved in, any sort of small group, committee, or ministry than we would like to make this available to you.

In purchasing a Zoom account Alma Bible Church has one account that we must all share. We can only have one person host a meeting on it at a time. Our secretary, Yvonne, is going to be handling the bookings for the Zoom account. If you would like to book a time to use the Zoom account then please talk to Yvonne. Please plan to book a few days in advance as we are unable to guarantee that it will be available for the time that you would like.

Upon booking a meeting to use Zoom, Yvonne will send out the Zoom Meeting information to all the guests that are intended to be included in the meeting.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Yvonne in the office via phone or email.