If you are not returning to High School in the fall and “feel” like you are under the age of 30, then you are invited  to join our group that we just call “20 Somethings”.  If you aren’t sure if you qualify, come anyway!!  We will let you know if we think you are too old or too young.

We are a busy group, with many of us involved in other activities such as baseball, soccer, floor hockey etc.  So when we do get together, our numbers end up varying anywhere from under 10 to over 20.

As for what we do, well…  we meet on the first Sunday of every month after church.  We like to visit at one of two homes.  We usually just eat lots of great food and hang out.  Often the Pastor and his family along with another of the leadership couples will join us and they will lead us in a devotional time and follow up discussion.

For more information about the various events and activities that this group have planned, please contact the church office.