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Back in the late 1980’s a number of people began talking and praying about planting a church in the Alma area.   Now, more than 20 years later, we look back and are grateful for the many people who were used by God in the establishing of Alma Bible Church. Today, we maintain connections with Vision Ministries, Wallenstein Bible Chapel, Woodside Bible Fellowship and Lincoln Road Bible Chapel, each of which contributed in their own way to the establishment and growth of Alma Bible Church.

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Vision Ministries1Alma Bible Church has benefited greatly over the years from the ministry of Vision Ministries.  Today, our maintaining a VMC Partner status is a reflection of our firm belief in their efforts towards planting churches and an affirmation of the support and advice they offer.

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wallensteinWe continue a relationship with Wallenstein having many friendship connections but also continuing to partner with them which is best represented in how our youth join together for special events.

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woodsidebiblefellowshipWe at Alma continue to be thankful for our ties with Woodside Bible Fellowship.  They along with Wallenstein made sacrifices back in the 1980’s and supported a number of people who eventually formed Alma Bible Church.  We continue to enjoy a strong relationship, with regular communication, shared events, and a common goal of wanting to see more and more people grow in their knowledge and love of God.

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Lincoln Road ChapelWe owe a debt of grtitude to the people of Lincoln Road Chapel (formely Lakeshore Bible Chapel) for the many ways in which they have supported us over the years.  At Alma we have enjoyed the preaching of various staff from Lincold Road, we have benefited from the wise counsel, and have also benefited form the many prayers and words of encouragement that have been extended our way from them.  We count the people of Lincoln Road as very generous supporters and

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