Visiting Alma

What to expect on a Sunday morning

Visiting a church can often be a very nerve wracking experience.  You never know what to expect.  Here at Alma, we want to try and make visiting with us as easy as possible.   To help make that happen, here are a few of the questions that people often ask along with the appropriate answer.

FAQ – Visiting Alma Bible Church

Coming to Alma is a breath of fresh air. When you pull off of Hwy 17 into our parking lot you find yourself on our 5 acre property where parking is not an issue. Two sides of the property are bordered by farm land. When you come in the main door you’ll find friendly people who will make your first visit one that encourages you to return. We have greeters at the front door that can answer any questions you might have about the building, washrooms, Sunday School etc.

As you enter the main worship centre, there are people stationed at the doors who will welcome you, provide a bulletin for you, and help you find a seat.

Being a small town rural church, we are not large, but we are very much alive.  By visiting with us, on any given Sunday, you will be joining close to 100 plus other people in worshiping God.  We try and keep our worship fresh.  We are not afraid to try new songs, but we also don’t want to lose the rich heritage of music from our past.

Visiting with us, you will find us family oriented, and Christ-centred.

The service starts at 10:00 am and is done at 11:30 am.

Children are dismissed for Sunday School either at 10:30 or 10:45 depending on the week.  Some weeks a special program is offered in the larger Sunday School room before they go to their classes in which case their dismissal is 10:30 otherwise children will remain in the main auditorium till 10:45.

Sunday School is available every week with the exception of those Sundays which fall on the 5th Sunday of the month.  In those cases we will sometimes run a program and other times will run a special program for all ages in the main auditorium.

The nursery is available every Sunday.  If when you arrive, you wish to take advantage of the services of the nursery, please simply inform one of our greeters and they will direct you.

For those visiting with children, we have an alternate program (Sunday School) running so that they don’t have to sit through the entire service. This alternate program will vary depending on age and which week of the month it is. Generally, the activities included are music, crafts and Bible teaching.

Beginning with those children from birth to 2 yrs old, we offer a fully staffed Nursery. The Nursery is available for the full duration of the worship service.

Older children are encouraged to sit through the first part of the worship service. They will be dismissed part way through to go for the alternate program geared for their age group.  When dismissed they make their way across the hall to the gym. The children are broken up into age specific class rooms. We can accommodate pre-kindergarten through to grade 8.

High School students are encouraged to stay in the worship service with the adults.

At Alma Bible Church, we are more interested in the internal things than on externals. Visitors on any given Sunday will find people dressed in a wide variety of styles.  Some people are dressed casually wearing jeans or shorts, while others choose to wear business casual.

What ever you choose to wear, we just ask that you choose something that will not draw attention to yourself. We think that what you wear to church should not detract from the worship experience of others around you. We want all of the attention to go to Jesus Christ.

Alma Bible Church is physically located on the outskirts of the town of Alma.

1. From Hwy 6 traveling north from Fergus simply turn left on to Wellington Rd 17. We will be on the left side as you enter into town.

2. From Elmira or Drayton make your way to Wellington Rd 17 and then head North East towards Alma.  Cross Wellington Rd 7 and watch for us on the right.

Our address is as follows:

Alma Bible Church
59 Peel St. E. ,  P.O. Box 41
Alma Ontario,  N0B 1A0