Alma Bible Church has been granted permission by the federal government to postpone its business meeting to no later than the end of the year 2020.

Full details:

When the Province of Ontario implemented the state of emergency, the Elders of Alma Bible Church were left with a number of decisions to make. One of those decisions was how to handle the annual business meeting originally scheduled for March 25, 2020.

At the time, the only real option was to cancel/postpone. While the elders made that decision at the time, it was a decision that they really did not want to make. In a number of subsequent discussions among the elders, with the church staff and with the treasurer, the concern existed of how to proceed.

Alma Bible Church operates as a not-for-profit corporation that is registered federally and not provincially. Provincial guidelines have been very clear with respect to guidance for not-for-profits. With Alma being federally registered, it complicated things.  The elders made a choice to contact  “Corporations Canada – Innovation, Science and Economic Development” to file an official request to postpone the business meeting until this pandemic had resolved to a point where we could safely meet again.

The reasons/concerns that when put together led to the request for delay included the following:

  1.  State of Emergency requirements preventing in person meeting (concern for everyone’s physical health)
  2.  Not able to identify a method of meeting that would allow for confidential votes
  3.  Not able to identify a method of meeting that would allow for open conversation and feedback
  4.  The concern that some of our members don’t have reliable internet

On May 12, we received notice that the request had been granted (Decision number D-039/20, File No 443418-8). This one time exemption allows that we can postpone. Under the exemption, we are now required to call (announce) a meeting before October 31, 2020 and that the meeting be held before the end of the year 2020.

We appreciate very much that you have been patient with us as we have tried to sort this all out.  Please do let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

On behalf of the board of elders

Mark McCready
Senior Pastor / Elder